Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Reviews to come

Weight of work has meant I've not kept up to date as would wish.

To follow:
Summary reviews of Ayr(May 28), Hamilton and Musselburgh(May 29) and a full review of the Perth Gold Cup meeting from May 31.

As I'm not covering the Scottish flat racing in as much depth as jumping this blog is in danger of becoming 'A View On North English Racing plus Perth' but hopefully I can keep in touch with any siginificant developments on the level. The recent meetings have been noticeably low key, but I'll be at Hamilton on Thursday so should provide a more detailed review.

As the year goes on my intention is to get to a few more meetings, particular once we hit the autumn with a regular flow of meetings at weekends from September to Christmas. Visits coming up will be Hamilton (June 4), Ayr(June 20) and Perth at the start of July. My wife and I are taking a break in the Lake Disrict in mid-July, staying in Cartmel, so that will mean a short trip to the Cartmel July meeting.


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