Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kelso Course Layout Changes

News from Kelso Racecourse of course layout changes to be implemented for their next meeting on Sunday October 7th.

The two furlong run-in has now gone as the chase course acquires a separate finish, doing away with the 'elbow' and finish on the hurdles course. The courses changes mean the turf on the hurdles finish will take less of a pounding and the chase run in will be less of a slog. In addition there will be more flexibility on positioning of the last hurdle.

The course's chase fences have undergone construction changes. They will now be built in 6 feet sections which allows more flexibility for re-positioning should the ground take a pounding over the season. There will now be just two fences in the home straight, the first of those being the only open ditch on the course, the two open ditches now becoming plain fences.

A few of the start positions in the straight have changed and a number of distances have now altered with a few new distance options.

Map provided courtesy of Louise Grey of Kelso Racecourse.

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